Tonight’s Masonic Central podcast to feature Bro. Tom Accuosti

July 6, 2008 at 5:49 pm (Masonic) (, , , , )

Tonight’s Masonic Central podcast will feature Bro. Tom Accuosti.

Bro. Tom is famous not only for his blog Tao of Masonry, but for being a Purple Apron-wearing Exalted Keeper of the Secrets of Freemasonarianism; Grand Sovereign Pontiff and Secret Exposuer; Ambassador to Zeta-Reticula; Crop Circle Planning & Zoning Commissioner; Aluminum Foil Beanie Fitting and Training Consultant; Team Osiris Obelisk Siting and Surveying; Manager, Dulces/Denver Airport Massage & Day Spa; Cydonia Vacation Resort Concierge; and Past Master, Friendship #33.3 AM & FM, Area 51, Atlantis, or so he says.

He’s also a very worshipful district lecturer for Connecticut’s Fifth Masonic District, rumor has it.

Listen to him rant tonight on the podcast. It’s on at 9 pm Eastern Time, 6 pm Pacific Time.

Image: Connecticut bloggers Movable Jewel (left); W. Bro. Tom Accuosti (center); North Eastern Corner (right)


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