About The Widow’s Son

The Widow’s Son is a Master Mason in good standing of Pickens Star Lodge No. 220, F. & A.M., a north Georgia “regular” lodge working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Georgia. Once an active officer and Director of Masonic Education of his lodge, events in 2005 led to his unofficially “bein’ run off” by the behind-the-scenes controllers of his lodge (past masters and a grand lodge officer) and to the creation of The Burning Taper blog, to tell his story and to expose the dirty truths about Southern good ol’ boy Freemasonry. Created in Sept. 2005, The Burning Taper reaches thousands of Freemasons worldwide.



  1. Bro EM Cabana said,

    Brother, you should see this interesting piece:



    Bro EM Cabana, 32Deg AASR, RAM, KT
    Memorial Lodge No. 90, F&AM
    GL Philippines

  2. xfcipeu@gmail.com said,

    “It about the random acts of kindness.

  3. grqezedvq@gmail.com said,

    This led to the development of the “real” handbagsheld in the hand and seen as a complement to the clothes.

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