Tonight’s Masonic Central podcast to feature Bro. Tom Accuosti

July 6, 2008 at 5:49 pm (Masonic) (, , , , )

Tonight’s Masonic Central podcast will feature Bro. Tom Accuosti.

Bro. Tom is famous not only for his blog Tao of Masonry, but for being a Purple Apron-wearing Exalted Keeper of the Secrets of Freemasonarianism; Grand Sovereign Pontiff and Secret Exposuer; Ambassador to Zeta-Reticula; Crop Circle Planning & Zoning Commissioner; Aluminum Foil Beanie Fitting and Training Consultant; Team Osiris Obelisk Siting and Surveying; Manager, Dulces/Denver Airport Massage & Day Spa; Cydonia Vacation Resort Concierge; and Past Master, Friendship #33.3 AM & FM, Area 51, Atlantis, or so he says.

He’s also a very worshipful district lecturer for Connecticut’s Fifth Masonic District, rumor has it.

Listen to him rant tonight on the podcast. It’s on at 9 pm Eastern Time, 6 pm Pacific Time.

Image: Connecticut bloggers Movable Jewel (left); W. Bro. Tom Accuosti (center); North Eastern Corner (right)



  1. Tom Accuosti said,

    Dude, is that the only picture you can find of me? Don’t I have a couple wearing my purple apron? Or riding in a black chopper? Or meeting our Zeta-Reticulan overlords friends and allies?

  2. MMM said,

    I could have used a little powder on my face that day, talk about shine on!

  3. Tom Accuosti said,

    Camera phones. Ugh.

    And what’s the deal with all that gray hair I’ve got? And that beard?

    Excellent cast last night, too – although I’m somewhat biased. 😉

    It’s great to be able to “chat” with Masons that you’ve known for years, but only through their writings on forums and blogs. I wish the MC guys every success at this.

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