Replication, re-creation, and resurrection

July 3, 2008 at 11:17 am (Masonic) (, , , )

It’s rather daunting trying to create a new blog out of an old one.

Google/Blogger has proven to be unreliable, having blocked my publishing access to a two-and-a-half year old blog because a robot tagged it as a “possible spam blog.” Inadvertent though it (probably) is, not having the ability to write and post at will after doing so for nearly three years is… well, incredibly restricting as well as incredibly liberating.

For quite a while now, whenever the mood strikes, or an idea hits, or something newsworthy happens, I’ve been able to sit down and immediately write and publish an article. Not being able to do that the past week or so has been an odd feeling, as if my creativity has been dammed up.

On the other hand, though, being locked out of my Blogger-based blog has given me an impetus to stretch out and see what else is available — like WordPress. And it has also given me the opportunity to decide if and/or how much I want to redesign the layout, content and perhaps even purpose of publishing a Masonic-themed blog.

There is a lot of Masonic-related news happening right now. Some of the things I’ve wanted to write about have been picked up on by other Masonic bloggers; some has been totally overlooked.

And then there is wondering what will become of the 900-plus articles I’ve posted on the original Burning Taper? If the bozos at Google/Blogger don’t unblock the blog within the 20 days mentioned in their letter, will the blog and all its contents simply vaporize? I don’t have the time to copy and re-post all those articles. Most of them weren’t that important in the Great Scheme of Things anyway.

But some of the articles, the ones listed under “Burning Taper Backstory” and “Worth Reading Again” had some merit, at least to me. I think I will soon being the task of reposting them here to this new WordPress version of The Burning Taper.

If you’re just stumbling into this new version of The Taper, or if you’ve been reading the old version a while but haven’t checked out the backstory and the “Worth Reading Again” sections, please do so. The articles there are pretty much what I consider “The Best of The Burning Taper.”

The Burning Taper Backstory:

Worth Reading Again:

and my favorite,


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  1. Tom Accuosti said,

    Dude – WordPress is cool, although you can’t tweak the free version very much.

    It does, however, allow you to import a Blogger blog, complete with comments. I use it to back up my Blogger site.

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