The fire still burns

July 2, 2008 at 11:52 am (Masonic) (, , , )

The Burning Taper logoAfter 2.5 years of regularly posting to the Blogger version of The Burning Taper at, the powers-that-be — namely the mindless robots — at Google/Blogger have decided that, until proven otherwise, The Burning Taper is a “spam blog.”

Though a two-second review would satisfy anyone over the age of seven that The Taper is not a spam blog, I’ve now been blocked from editing or publishing the blog on Blogger for nearly a week. A little bit of research showed that this happens quite often to non-spam blogs, thanks to the robots, and there is no quick-fix among the geniuses at Google. They get around to unblocking blogs when they get around to it, not sooner.

So… I’m experimenting here with WordPress in anticipation of migrating from the insane Blogger service to here.

If you are a blogger or website operator that has graciously linked to The Burning Taper at, please change your links to read simply This has always been an active link to The Taper. Linking to simply without the added “blogspot” or “wordpress” will keep your links active, no matter which blogging service The Burning Taper eventually settles down with, or moves to in the future.

Until I decide what to do regarding various hosting options, the link to the original Blogger-based Burning Taper blog is, and the link to this, the new WordPress version, is Currently, points to the old Blogger version, but may soon be re-pointed to the WordPress version. I have not yet decided.

Thanks for your continued support of The Burning Taper and the entire Masonic blogging community.

— W.S.



  1. Tom Accuosti said,

    WS – looks like you’re getting the hang of WordPress. I like some of the features, although the free version gives you very little control over the templates and over the code that you can use for all those cute little web/blog thingies. You can’t use any Javascript widgets at all, which rules out some of those counters that let you see from where a person is reading, or more detailed blog stats.

    Adding to your blogrolls, though, is easier than using Blogroll It. And as you’ve discovered, you can set up categories for various links. You can also have widgets to show your latest comments.

    Even though I only use mind as a backup, I still play around with the WP blog. I just can’t find a theme that I’m crazy about.

  2. sec昴宿六 2 said,


    I wondered what happened to your site at blogger. Hopefully this works out better.

    All the best,

    sec昴宿六 2

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